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During the years 1995-1997 I Literaly changed the Israeli Science Fiction and fantasy scene forever. What started as a weekly item on Science Fiction at Ron Levintal's (then a co-editor and now a member of Tel-Aviv municipal cabinet) weekly column , transformed into my own weekly column. It took Israel by storm. At Last the Israeli sci-fi fans had a home ,and it was no less then the largest entertainment magazine in the country.
Phone, faxes and mails indicated that my love of Science fiction and my unique writing style had made a real difference in a soap-opera dominated Israel.
During the period of the 'Trekkies' column, I was part of the foundation of three of Israel's major Science Fiction ventures: 'The Israeli Science Fiction and Fantasy association', 'Starbase 972 - The Israeli Star Trek club' and the annual multi-day Science fiction convention held in Tel-Aviv.

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